“The Den” Indoor Drive-In Theatre and Game Night – April 8th, 7-10pm

Welcome to “The Den” Indoor Drive-In Theatre at Sanders Beach! What’s an indoor drive-in? You get the comforts of being indoors…but, you’ll have the casual experience of an outdoor setting. Bring a blanket and sit on the ballroom floor if you want to. Sit at one of the tables with friends or walk around and meet new folks and sit with them. (Honestly, we know the “indoor drive-in” makes no sense…but, it sounds cool and it’s all about having fun, right? Exactly!)

It’s also GAME NIGHT! Bring a game! Cards, board games, Dungeons & Dragons, dominos, etc. Play with friends or invite folks over to play. The idea is to bring the community together. You’ll meet new folks and have a large space to invite new and old friends for a totally different night out!

We’ll be showing vintage comedy classic shorts and cartoons. You can sit and watch OR travel around the room and sit and play games with others while the movies play in the background.

This is a FREE community event. All are welcome. All ages welcome. Please let us know if you’re going! Click the GOING button on our Facebook event page…click HERE! OR there is a link to grab FREE TICKETS! The ticket system will REALLY help us know who is interested. THERE IS NO COST TO USE THIS OPTION! Spread the word! Thanks! 

Click HERE to get your FREE tickets!